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курс доллара график прогноз. Network Planning Manage your network with individual scheduling, pricing and service settings. Watch how virtual passengers book your flights using a state-of-the-art reservation system that generates billions of connections from your own and your competition's flights. International Play the game in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish or even Chinese. Build your flight schedule using AirlineSim's advanced planning features. Fleet Management Choose your aircraft, organize their maintenance and employ them efficiently. обеспечение безопасности заработка в интернете. Read & Learn The community, our support team and various forms of documentation will help you get started in no time. Realistic Environment Airport capacities, traffic rights, passenger demand and about everything else is modelled after the real world. Adjust prices and service levels to adjust to an ever-changing market situation. Then pick the right aircraft for your fleet and deploy them to operate it. Keep an eye on your load factors and those of your competitors. Player Interaction Cooperate in Alliances or by forming Interline Agreements, leasing out aircraft, providing terminal capacities and more.

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